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Products for your yard

Pulverize Weed & Grass Killer Pulverize Weed, Brush & Vine Killer Pulverize Weed Killer for Lawns


Pulverize Weed Killers

Turn your weeds to dust with three unique formulas; selective, non selective and total kill.

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Universal Lawn Food

Fix & Feed

One lawn food with all of the components your lawn needs to grow thicker, greener and stronger than ever before.

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Animal Stopper Granular Animal Repellents Animal Stopper Liquid Animal Repellents Deer Stopper II Liquid Animal Repellents Dog & Cat Stopper Granular Animal Repellents Dog & Cat Stopper Liquid Animal Repellents


Animal Stoppers

From mice to moose, we stop them all. Available in liquid and granule forms.

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Products for your home

Universal Plant Food


All-purpose plant foods designed to help develop strong roots and healthy plants, for heartier plant material and increased flower and fruit production in traditional and hydroponic gardening.

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Deplete Outdoor Insecticides Deplete Bed Bug Insecticides Deplete Indoor Insecticides


Deplete Insecticides

Full line of indoor and outdoor insecticides to kill and repel on contact.

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Plant Health Tool


Prevent wilting, freezing, transfer shock and other causes of plant stress that can result in loss of needles, leaves or related plant health issues.

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Starting off on the right foot is an essential first step for everything you do, and thanks to Messinas' fertilizers, you can ensure lasting results all year long.


Messinas' plant health tools, fertilizers and herbicides make sure that your lawn, yard and house plants grow to their fullest potential, all year long.


Whether insects or animals are threatening your home and garden, Messinas' insecticides and animal repellents will help you keep things safe.

Agricultural Tool


Protect more of what you grow from deer browsing to food plots, fields and more with our proprietary, ribbon/repellent system.

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Don't just take our word for it...


After applying Deer Stopper and over 20 inch of rain we have not had any more problems. Thanks for saving the day.

A. Borem

Brush Prairie, WA

Thanks to your products, I am enjoying gardening again.

S. Whitcomb

Chatfield, MN


We LOVE Plotsaver! It has proven itself time and again.

Author nameJ. Newbill

Shiloh, GA

Product is amazing! Squirrels chew my Christmas lights every year...lights went up Thanksgiving and just came down today intact for the first time. 1/9

S. Blaha

Thank you for making such great products!  We especially appreciate “Deer Stopper.”

A. Paul

Whiskey Island, WA

After one summer of using Seedlingers on a regular basis, I was blown away.

G. Gzerwinski

Jasper, IN